Abhinav VP

I build things for the web



Web developer passionate about User Experience (UX) design and Product Development.

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  • Front-end
    • Javascript(ES6), ReactJs, W3CSS, Tailwind, Bootstrap
  • Back-end
    • NodeJs, ExpressJs, NestJs, PostgreSQL, Firebase
  • Version Control
    • Git

Personal Projects

  • HushChat

    Databaseless Web Chat application that runs on websockets.
    Anyone can create and/or join a room, and start talking.

  • CSS Text Formatter

    Web application that can be used to format a text sample. Displays the preview text and its CSS, which can be copied with a click, ready to be used wherever you want.

  • Minesweeper

    Classic Minesweeper game.

  • ToDo List Chrome Extension

    A todo list chrome extension.

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